Challenging Curriculum, 10-1 Student Teacher Ratio, Daily Spanish, Robotics, Competition training, Music classes, Life experiences.

Best Private School in Texas - 2nd Place Texas State Champions, Private School Interscholastic and 1st Place Champions.

Is your child gifted? Test if he or she is bright or gifted. Enrolling Students.

A certified for excellence Private School in The Woodlands and Montgomery County areas.


We are committed to providing a challenging and enjoyable learning experience for those families who believe that leadership development, personal character, and academic accomplishment are
vital to success.


Through our personalized curriculum, with the assistance of our dedicated and experienced staff, and the incorporation of various problem solving in school and out of school activities, The Rubicon Academy diligently promotes students to progress as far as they are able without age or grade level boundaries.

The Enlightened Child of Today, is the Hero of Tomorrow.

  • 2015

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    Is your child gifted? Has your child been tested?

Our highly educated instructors expand on the children's natural curiosity: building on their character, knowledge, and critical thinking skills with patience and encouragement.

In groups of 2 to 12 students, each child will receive instruction tailored to his/her particular needs. In addition, children will travel to museums, art galleries, and work places; in short, to any place where actual experience will enhance classroom learning.

There is always something going on at The Academy, whether it is in our academic programs, participation in science fair, our music, art and performance programs, field trips, or participation in all kinds of community events around The Woodlands and Houston areas.

Kindergarten through 9th Grade with age two's and three's early education programs.


Challenging Accelerated Curriculum - Music/Fine Arts

We are explorers
and masters of the environment, award winning scholars, inspired creative artists,

Foreign Language - Extensive Field Trips

...we are musicians, and scientists. We are the leaders of tomorrow. We are the Rubicon students.