Our daughter has been going to Rubicon academy for 5 years now. Considering that it is a small school (< 35 student, about 4-5 per grade), it may not be for everyone. But our daughter has grown both academically as well in confidence. Being a small school gives her a lot of meaningful opportunities in all aspects of the school activities including drama, robotics, music and arts which she might not have had otherwise. It also allows her to progress at her pace. Being a GT school provides for a good level of competition to prepare her for academic tests in future. The curriculum is very well advanced in math and science and also provides for high school level coursework. The reputation of the school is well established in the greater Houston area. The school has excelled in all academic meets at all grade levels. The school provides also provides opportunities for leadership development and volunteer work as well.

It feels more like a one big family than school. To get the most value out of the school, active parent participation is helpful. I would recommend this school to any family where academics are valued highly during the school years.

Niraj S.

The academy has been a great support in the emotional development of my two children. Teachers and students are like a family, and that makes them feel safe, confident, loved and respected. That is the best foundation for their educational journey.

Pablo M.

Attending The Rubicon Academy has been a great experience for my child. My son needed to be challenged and the chance to show his abilities. The Rubicon Academy has offered that to him.

Laura G.

Our sons are now in their 4th year of attending school at the Rubicon Academy and we continue to be impressed with the caliber of education they are receiving. The customized level of academics and individualized focus has resulted in amazing outcomes – within a year one of our kids went from having no interest in touching a book to reading novels continuously and our other gets to learn math at the accelerated pace he wants. The annual open house’s “wax museum” has become a big winner at home where this year the kids presented all about a state as someone famous from that region – I’d never learned so much about Kentucky and Ohio! We’ve also been really impressed by the fact the educational program is broader than just core academics with kids getting a well-rounded education in art, drama, music and most popular, First Lego League, all of which help the kids develop self-confidence, organizational and presentation skills stretching themselves in ways that just don’t present themselves at typical schools. Overall, every day the kids come home eager to share what they’ve learned and excited to go back the next day – which is all any parent can ever hope for.

Kyle Q.

In my experience, the Rubicon Academy is a great school to allow your child to grow. Academically they provide opportunities that are second to none. They have a well-rounded curriculum that combines traditional studies with music, art, robotics, stem, and frequent educational field trips throughout the Houston area. The small class sizes are key to creating a family atmosphere where everyone is truly someone. It also allows each child to learn at their individual level and progress when they are ready. As part of the well-rounded approach, they also do a fine job of integrating social and emotional learning so they become good people as well as good students. If you are a parent who is looking for a safe environment that will develop your child academically, socially, and emotionally, I invite you to try the Rubicon Academy and believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

David B.

We have two children that go to the Rubicon Academy and we couldn’t recommend it enough. The boys are 5 and 8 and couldn’t be more different, yet the school manages to educate them both to a very high standard. The youngest is already reading (which we thought would be a struggle) and is excelling at Maths. Our oldest was always good at Math but has now become a well rounded student with learning science, social studies and history to name but a few. The teachers are fantastic and with them letting the child advance at their own pace without being reined in and there focus on music I feel confident my children with fit in at any High School in the future.

George J.