Application Process for Admission


A visit to The Rubicon Academy by both parent and child is recommended.

B. Application for Admission

The following forms should be completed and returned to The Rubicon Academy along with the application fee ($275.00).

  1. The Application for Admission
  2. Confidential Health Information
  3. Parent Observation Questionnaire
  4. Record Transfer Form (give to previous school attended)

C. Interview

After all completed forms and fees have been received, an appointment will be made for an informal meeting with the parent(s) and child. Parents are requested to bring, or send ahead:

  1. Copies of report cards
  2. Test results
  3. Learning and psychological evaluations, if any, or other pertinent information.
  4. At this time the student should bring a folder of work done: original writing, projects, art, etc. (not all necessarily done at school).

During the child’s interview, there will be informal testing for which there is no preparation. In addition, children who are younger than six (6) years old on September 1st will be evaluated for learning readiness and social maturity.

D. Admission Decision

In order to make an admissions determination the Director will consider:

  1. Achievement results and other evaluation data
  2. Information from parents
  3. Interview and test results
  4. Student’s folder of original work

The Rubicon Academy staff reserves the right, in its professional judgment, to make any decision in connection with admission, or the denial of admission. Admission privileges and programs are denied no one because of sex, race, color, or religion.