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Learn how to CREATE this summer at The Woodlands #1 Tech Camp! Hands-on classes in Filmmaking, Animation, YouTube Production, Minecraft Coding, Music, Roblox, Game Design and more. Ages 6-13. S24 Flyer_Halfsheet

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Creative Camps (3-days long) (Mon-Tues-Wed) – $242

  • Hollywood Filmmakers
    • Ever wanted to make your own movie, or even star in it? Join our Filmmaking Camp and learn how to write, shoot, and edit your own film! Each day, a new filmmaking framework will be introduced, including fun activities like green screen manipulation, applying special effects, storyboarding, and short film production! The Creator Camp Oscars will be hosted at the end of the camp, where you will walk the red carpet and present your film like a true Hollywood star! This course was designed by actual filmmakers in the industry.
  • YouTube Creators
    • Ever wanted to be a YouTuber? Join our YouTube Production Camp and become one! Each day, a relevant YouTube skill will be introduced; including gaming videos, vlogs, reaction videos, skits, and more. You will learn how to make media for the 21st century, with a focus on the entire creative process, developing skills in editing, branding, and screen presence. By the end of the camp, you’ll be ready to launch your YouTube career, equipped with the skills and confidence needed to shine in the digital realm, all while collaborating with fellow students and learning from successful YouTubers!  *Note: No student videos are uploaded to YouTube, all videos made are sent directly and only to each student’s parent.
  • Lego & Clay Aniamtors
    • Do you want to create amazing Lego worlds, making your own Lego minifigures adventure through them? Join our Lego and Clay Stop Motion Camp, where you will learn to craft incredible stop motion films using both Lego and clay. With hands-on guidance, you’ll design epic scenes, add special effects, and make characters jump, teleport, and fly, taking your animating skills to new heights. By the end of the camp, you will proudly present your unique films, mastering the art of stop motion and immersing yourself in the world of animation!
  • Music & Beats Producers
    • Step into the exciting world of music production at our camp, where you’ll craft your own mesmerizing beats, intricate loops, and custom songs. Delve into the fundamentals of music theory, exploring tempo, rhythm, harmony, and melody. Learn the process of songwriting, structuring, and recording. Unleash your creativity and create a song that’s uniquely yours, all while collaborating with fellow campers and learning from seasoned producers.


Tech Camps (2-days long) (Thurs-Friday) – $162

  • Minecraft Modders & Coders
    • Are you ready to dive into the world of Minecraft modding, where you’ll have the power to code anything you can imagine?  From making chickens rain from the sky to crafting a pickaxe capable of clearing mountains with a single click, you will be astounded by the limitless possibilities a few lines of code can unlock. Join our Minecraft Modding Camp and embark on a coding journey, mastering essential concepts like variables, loops, arrays, and functions. By the end of the camp, you will proudly showcase your unique mods, becoming a Minecraft modding expert!
  • 3D Game Developers
    • Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in game development? Unleash your imagination and bring your dream game to life in stunning 3D graphics. Whether you’re craving high-speed thrills in a pulse-pounding racing game or seeking the ultimate showdown between dinosaurs and aliens in a battle royale, the possibilities are endless, and you’re the creator of your gaming universe.
  • Roblox Game Masters
    • Discover the exciting world of game design with Roblox! Dive into key game development fundamentals as you craft your own minigames, create your own characters, and develop your own storylines. Engage in epic Roblox races and competitions as you and your fellow students playtest each other’s games, unleashing your creativity and gaming prowess.




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