History and Geography

By working with maps and globes students learn to identify and locate the seven continents, the oceans, the poles, and country in which they live.  They learn about Native Americans, early exploration and settlement of this country, stories about some American presidents, and national symbols.

Language Arts

Children are taught to recognize, name, and write the letters of the alphabet, to decode letter-sound relationships, engage in oral language activities, and to express themselves. They are introduced through reading aloud to a varied selection of nursery rhymes, children’s stories and fables.


Children work with patterns and classification, both with concrete objects and pictorial representations. They learn the concepts of more than, less than, equal to, most, and least. They count to 50 by ones, twos, fives, and tens.


Students learn to recognize and move to a steady beat; recognize long and short sounds; discriminate between loud and quiet, fast and slow, short and long sounds; and sing unaccompanied and in unison. They learn to recognize by sight and sound instruments such as the piano, guitar, trumpet, flute, violin, and drums.

Children learn to echo short rhythms and melodic patterns; play simple rhythms and melodies; and recognize like and unlike phrases. They learn about the families of instruments of the orchestra, and the role of the conductor. They are introduced to classical music and composers, and to music that tells a story. Children are introduced to ballet and other types of dance, as well as to opera and jazz.  Children will have reinforce these concepts by playing their own instruments.


Children learn about plant growth, basic parts of plants, and how people use plants for food and other purposes. They learn about animals and their needs and how to care for pets. They study the human body, in particular the five senses, and taking care of their bodies. Children learn about the four seasons and the weather, why we need to take care of the earth, recycling, and magnetism. C

Visual Arts

Children are introduced to a variety of art activities and materials. Children learn about color and talk about the ways different colors can produce different effects and feelings.